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***** - 5 star service.
The service that Lina has provided me with is very professional. I overcame many mental traumas.
She is a very special lady, very caring. She is a very professional person and I felt very at ease confiding in her with my personal life. With her therapies I overcame the fear of lifts I felt and claustrophia and fear I had towards CT scan machines during my cancer treatment which would cause panic attacks. Today I have conquered all of these things which I used to feel panic towards.
I have learnt to control my impulses and to be a person who is in control of herself. I express what I feel and know know how to say no to what I don’t want. I also feel that I have learned to socialize more with my family.
I have recommended Lina’s services and would love to keep having more sessions with her in the future. I have very much enjoyed her presence and company in my home.
— Olivia, Oval, Jun 2019 - Translated from spanish
I’ve been suffering from night terrors most likely caused by stress and claustrophobia. I wasn’t really sure how to overcome it so I mentioned my sleep terrors to lina who suggested I try hypnotherapy. I was sceptical at first as I have very little knowledge of hypnotherapy, however I decided to remain open minded about it. Lina made me feel so relaxed and calm when she listened attentively to my problems. She was non judgemental and has a very soothing voice to help get into trance. The whole experience was very comfortable and took approximately an hour. Since then I have managed to sleep a lot better, experiencing a lot. less night terrors and feeling calmer before going to sleep. I have no problem recommending Lina as she is so professional and so easy to talk to.
— Rochelle, Sutton, Nov 2018
Lina, being a good friend, offered to do a session with me after I told her I was struggling to cope with the work load I had for my university exams. Not knowing much at hypnotherapy at all, I agreed, and I’m glad I did!

She took her time when asking me questions to tailor the therapy to me individually and explained the whole process to me fully so I knew what to expect, which made me feel very at ease!

After the session, aside from feeling very relaxed (and sleepy!) I can honestly say I felt motivated and positive about my exams. I went on to pass the year so needless to say I was very grateful for the help!

I understand why people are sceptical about hypnotherapy, but now I’ve experienced it, I can definitely appreciate its value as a therapy and would recommend Lina to anyone who is curious to try it!
— Samantha, Borough, Nov 2018
Session with Lina was very powerful and I gained a lot from it. She puts you at ease and knows what she is doing. Such a wonderful experience and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much and I will be using her services again.
— Nele, Elephant & Castle, Aug 2018
One year ago, I was under lot of stress at work to a point that I became unproductive as my mind was blocked and I stated having panic attacks. At the time, the terms hypnotherapy and mindfulness were not existent in my vocabulary. My energy was just focused on my career, neglecting everything else.

In reality, it took me 4 to 6 weeks before mindfulness impacted my life forever.

When I finally spoke to the Therapist Lina Gonzalez for the first time I was acquainted with meditation and hypnotherapy in the relaxing and safe environment of my own home. At this point I was still not thinking in terms of “mindfulness”. But I was becoming more aware of my emotional body. I was able to identify my various triggers with the help of Lina my therapist.
With her help I realised that I was rushing through my life without noticing anything. So, I started to change by paying more attention to the present moment, to my own thoughts and feelings. I started to recognize so many things I was taking for granted.

Once again with the help of Lina hypnotherapy has helped me to enjoy the world around me helping to understand myself better. I learnt to become more aware of my thoughts and feelings as I was experiencing them and learnt to control them. Lina helped me to learn to identify when those thoughts were not helpful, and she helped me to control them, not to let them to control me reducing my stress and anxiety.

After a few sessions with Lina focusing on stress reduction and anxiety control, I became productive in my job again being focused. Having this therapy has been the best investment I made in myself. I truly believe that every person should know about this therapy, it has improved my life and relations with my loved ones.
— Michael, Carshalton, Aug 2018
When I went into my first hypnotherapy session with Lina, I was admittedly, and vocally, skeptical about the procedure and any results it might provide. It’s not that I distrusted Lina or felt uncomfortable - she went to great lengths to break the ice before our session, and made me feel as relaxed as possible - I simply understood little about hypnotherapy as a personal health practice. I was confused as to how exactly it might help improve my sense of self-worth.

In the hours and days immediately following my first session, I couldn’t detect any notable change in my behavior or self-perception. But slowly, in the weeks that followed, I found myself consciously aware of how much Lina’s hypnotherapy had helped me. At first I noticed a general reduction in negativity - I wasn’t as hard on myself, and any work of mine that I previously hated now seemed to wear a sign saying “Not So Bad.” As time went on, I began to truly enjoy myself and the things I was creating; I was able to identify the positives in my work just as easily as the negatives. It isn’t hyperbole to say the benefits from Lina’s hypnotherapy have firmly supplanted my initial skepticism.

Hypnotherapy is the real deal, and so is Lina.
— Kyle, Philadelphia, Aug 2018
Having Lina hypnotise me on a number of occasions for performance related issues, I was having increasing panic attacks at the thought of addressing people. She has helped me beyond measure. A true professional, explaining from start to finish what will happen and, on many occasions, myself not even realising it has happened. Remarkable.
It has (cliche I know) literally changed my life. I would totally recommend her as her skill is beyond doubt, magnificent.
— Susan, Clapham, Aug 2018
I am a very nervous person and do not like hospitals at all. When I had to wait a week to have a breast biopsy to diagnose a lump I found in my breast I entered into total panic mode, I could not sleep and hardly ate. Two days before the biopsy, I contacted Lina. I had my first session in the comfort of my home. For the following two nights I slept like an angel. On the day of the biopsy, Lina accompanied and hypnotised me during the procedure, I did not feel any pain at all. The radiologist and nurse were very impressed with this and how calm I was during the procedure. I was so happy I made the decision to be hypnotised during the biopsy, everything about hospital environments scare me.

The following week, waiting for the result, it could have been the worst and longest waiting time of my life, I was very anxious but I managed to keep focused on my day-to-day routine by practicing the breathing exercises Lina had taught me and by maintaining an awareness of my surrounding. Fortunately the results came back negative.

I am very grateful to Lina for all her support and the extra mile she went for me by going to the hospital with me. I really recommend Lina if you are suffering from anxiety and to release pain therapy.
— Jane, London, Apr 2018