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Hypnotherapy is using your unconscious mind for your greatest benefit; to help you feel better mentally, create better habits, remove negative habits and ensure an improved quality of life. By creating this positive environment in your unconscious mind it provides a positive foundation for you to consciously establish all these great attributes to your life. The process definitely includes talking therapy, especially whilst we establish, understand and prioritise what you would like me to help you with. You would then go into an altered state of mind where your mind accepts suggestions provided to improve your wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy is the only form of therapy that intentionally works directly with your subconscious mind, making it a very powerful tool! This means that one problem can take as little as 5-6 sessions to resolve.


Meet your hypnotherapist

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I began
LG Hypnotherapy
to help people be happy and content within themselves.

I can help you to; lose weight, stop bad habits and addictions, reduce anxiety, handle stress, overcome depression, and manage pain.